Animoto is a web application that produces videos from user-selected photos, video clips and music. Animoto analyzes the provided photos, video clips and music, using them to generate a video similar to a trailer.  The song is analyzed, producing a unique video every time. The site also claims that no two videos are ever the same.  By November 2009, 1 million users had registered at Animoto. Their iPhone application has been installed 300,000 times and two million Facebook users have used the Animoto Facebook application.  One year prior, in August 2008, 250,000 users in 150 countries had been registered with


How can Animoto help promote your cause?

Automated, professional video
Animoto automatically turns your images, video clips and music into stunning videos. A static web site is easily forgotten: instead, engage your audience with video, on your site and elsewhere.


Drive traffic and donations
Use Animoto videos to convey a message with the right balance of information and emotional connection. Attract your audience back to your site.


Embrace the like-minded
Spread your message to users on social networking sites. Post easily to MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Capitalize on the power of social networks.


Fundraise through video
Raise money by reselling DVDs of Animoto videos, or kick off your events with big screen projections for powerful, emotional messages.


Check Out Philanthro’s Animoto Video for its 2010 Tri-City Event:

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