Causecast debuted at TechCrunch50 in September of 2008 with the mission to give nonprofit organizations an effective and aesthetically-pleasing forum to promote their ideas, raise money and increase awareness on the Internet. Today, Causecast develops and implements Internet and mobile technology, volunteer database systems, campaigns, events and media that push the envelope in the world of cause.   Causecast is based in Culver City, California in the Helms Bakery district, and is always looking for new ways to grow its family.  Causecast was founded by web entrepreneur, Ryan Scott, whose company, NetCreations, is regarded at the creator of the double opt-in email system, which is patented and still widely-used today.  Causecast’s advisory board includes renowned author and columnist Arianna Huffington.


For Cause Marketers and Agencies:
Causecast provides a suite of solutions to incorporate actions, incentives, and impact tracking for your cause-related marketing efforts. We will craft a solution that lets you answer your audience’s and advertisers’ call for cause-based engagement.


For Publishers and Platforms
Engage visitors to your property with cause integration. Whether by supporting donation contests, rewarding volunteering or powering your clients’ cause marketing campaigns, only Causecast has the tools, the relationships and the track record to cause-enable your property.  From creating entire action platforms for AARP to integrating cause related content, actions, and cause marketing campaigns into The Huffington Post – we can create a custom solution that lets you answer your audience’s call for cause-based engagement.


Causecast’s non-profit platform allows any 501(c)(3) organization to create a profile and do a variety of things, which include advertising a project / event, finding volunteers, and providing a free interface to process donations.  During a time when non-profits are typically spread out over many different platforms, Causecast provides an integrated user interface while still allowing the non-profit to get the exposure of more traditional social media.

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