Founder and CEO РCausecast 
Co-Founder – NetCreations

Ryan Scott has a knack for recognizing good. Ryan got his start as the co-founder of NetCreations, an opt-in email marketing company that he and a colleague started out of their garage in the mid-nineties. They wanted to prove that ethical marketing was profitable, sustainable, and the right way to do business. They took the company public in 2000 and the double-opt in system they patented is still prevalent today.

Since the sale of NetCreations, Ryan has been involved in other tech ventures (Mahalo and Tesla Motors among them) and has been an active philanthropist. In 2007 he realized he could do much more for causes than simply giving money. Donations are fantastic, but a system that empowers charities to grow and be self-sustaining would be priceless. Combining his experience with web technology, his fervor for media, and his passion for positive change, Ryan dreamed up Causecast, a project that would change the world through the effective application of web technologies and social networks. Applying the levers of capitalism, Causecast helps people support causes and charities, endorsed by brands and leaders they admire, by providing them knowledge, tools, and social connections on the world’s largest platforms and publishers.

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