Shivani Siroya

Founder & CEO – InVenture
BA International Relations – Wesleyan University
MPH Health Economics – Columbia University

Shivani Siroya is Founder and CEO of InVenture. InVenture is a social enterprise that unleashes the potential of developing entrepreneurs to lift themselves and their communities out of poverty. InVenture’s web-based platform directly connects developing entrepreneurs and individuals grow businesses and enact real social change.

While working for UNFPA and The Earth Institute in India and West Africa, Shivani witnessed first hand micro-credit’s success in helping alleviate the struggle of subsistence living by helping clients begin new businesses with new sources of income. However, she also realized how micro-credit had done little to expand these businesses beyond sole proprietorships or lift entire communities out of poverty. Shivani wanted to find a way for successful micro-businesses to grow beyond these early stages, hire more employees and reinvest in the growth and well-being of their communities – this is how InVenture was founded. Prior to InVenture, she worked in corporate finance at Health Net Inc. and investment banking at Citigroup. Shivani holds an MPH in Health Economics and Policy from Columbia University and a BA in International Relations from Wesleyan University.

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